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About us

Hi! We’re Taylor and Daniel and we’re the founders of the blog Relationshipsfocus. Our blog is all about delicious recipes and relationships.

We’ve both had multiple relationships in the past and we know everything there is to know about the beautiful things as well as the struggles that can come with them.

Throughout the years, we’ve learned a lot about relationships and about the best ways to deal with certain complex aspects of them. With our experience, we helped out many friends and family members, and we want to help everyone with the insights that we have. Whether you’re dating, married, in a friendship, or need help dealing with family relationships, you can find our best advice on this blog.

We’re also sharing our favorite recipes on this blog because baking has always been one of our favorite things to do with our partners and best friends. You’ll especially find vegan recipes on our blog such as delicious sweet treats, drinks, and desserts.

About Daniel

Favorite recipe: My favorite recipe is this vegan strawberry banana apple mint smoothie because it’s delicious, refreshing, sweet, and easy to make!

Hi! I’m Daniel and I’m the co-founder of Relationshipsfocus. I’ve dealt with many relationships in the past and I’m currently happily married. I’ve learned a lot about different kinds of relationships throughout the years. I noticed that many issues in relationships are caused by misunderstandings and not knowing what your partner or friend means. I believe in relationships communication is key and it’s important to try to understand each other. On Relationshipsfocus, I want to give you the best advice to get perfect relationships.

About Taylor

Favorite recipe: The recipe I love the most is this vegan sugar-free banana muffins recipe! The muffins are delicious and sweet because of the bananas.

Hey! I’m Taylor and I’m the other co-founder of Relationshipsfocus. In the past, I’ve been on many dates, had lots of friendships, and I’ve had some long-term romantic relationships. Over the years, I’ve found that some types of people really do match with me and others don’t. But besides that, I also found that the way you treat your partner and the amount of effort you put into a relationship is key for the quality of your relationship. I’m here to give you advice and try my best to help you get the most out of your relationships. At the moment, I am in a very happy relationship and have many beautiful friendships, and with my experience, I want to help you get the same.