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19 First Date Tips (For a Perfect First Date!)

First date tips
First date tips

Looking for first date tips? Here are some great tips if you’re going on a date with someone you like.

You may be a bit nervous for your first date with someone. The most important thing is to get to know each other and to have a fun time together. Here are some tips to make your time together better and to increase your chance of getting a second date.

First Date Tips

1. Prepare some topics you can talk about

It can be great to prepare some topics to talk about on your date. This is great in case there is a moment you’re not sure what to say or when there’s silence.

Especially if you’re a bit nervous during the date, this is one of the best first date tips. Even if you usually always know something to say, during your date, it may be a bit harder if you’re very nervous.

You can prepare many kinds of topics. For example, it can be great to prepare some fun stories. You can tell them one of the funniest memories you have.

Besides that, you can also talk to them about your favorite tv series and movies.

Furthermore, you can prepare some questions. For example, you can ask them what their favorite season of the year is or you can ask them about their favorite ice cream flavor.

There are so many topics you can talk about and preparing them may make it much easier for you to have some great conversations.

2. Give compliments

For a first date, it’s great to compliment your date. This will make them feel more at ease and more confident which is great for a date.

Also, a compliment makes people happy which sets a positive mood for the whole date.

Besides that, this is one of the most important first date tips because it’s a great way to start a conversation.

Make sure your compliments are honest. For example, if you think they have beautiful eyes, tell them! They’ll love hearing that.

Also, if you like someone’s outfit, you can tell that as well. It’s very likely they put a lot of effort into their outfit for your first date.

3. Choose an activity you like

Couple with coffee

You’ll feel much more comfortable when you’re doing an activity you like. For example, if you like being active you can go on an active date such as roller skating.

Or if you like art, you can go to an art exhibition that is taking place where you live.

If you want to talk a lot during your date, you can get a cup of coffee at a nice coffee shop. Make sure you do something you and your date both really like!

4. Be yourself

One of the most important tips for a first date is to make sure you’re being yourself.

Being authentic is very important for your date. You really want to get to know each other and the best way to do so is if you’re both yourselves.

Also, this is the best way to find out if you really like each other a lot.

5. Make sure to be on time

It’s important to show up on time for your first date. This will give your date a great impression.

If you’re too late on the first date, this may not be a great sign for your date.

Besides that, being on time also shows your date that you’re really interested in them and that you’re really trying to be there!

The best way to be on time is to make a good schedule for the day. Make sure to dress up on time and to leave your house on time.

Also, if you have to travel to the location of your date, try to figure out how long this will take. If you’re traveling by public transport, it may be a great idea to take an earlier bus or train. In case there are delays you can still be on time if you do so.

6. Show your date you’re interested in getting to know them

If you’re going on a first date a great tip is to show that you have genuine interest in the person you’re going on a date with. This will show that you’re really interested in getting to know them better.

To do so, make sure to ask questions and to listen to what they have to say. If they start talking about something they experienced, show you’re interested in that.

Keep in mind that asking questions is a great way to do so but it’s important to not make it feel like an interview!

7. Be a good listener

Make sure to really listen to what your date is telling you. Try to understand what they mean and respond to that.

Doing so will make your date feel like you really care about their opinions which will make the date more successful.

Also, I’d recommend remembering the most important information for when you’re going on another date.

8. Make sure you’re not the only one talking

One of the best first date tips is that you should make sure you are not the only one that is talking the whole time.

There are two reasons for this. First of all, when you are the only one that is talking, you don’t get to know your date very well as you don’t hear what your date wants to talk about.

Second, if you’re the only one that’s talking, it may seem as if you’re not interested in your date. This may not be the case at all as some people talk a lot when they are nervous, but it may come across that way.

9. Have light and funny conversations

For a first date, it is great to keep conversations light and funny. It’s the first time you’re getting to know each other better and you want to have a fun time together.

This doesn’t mean you cannot have any deep conversations. In case everything feels right and you can relate to each other, you can explore some deeper topics.

However, some deep conversations can lead to topics you may not feel comfortable talking about on your first date. This may be better for a second or third date. Make sure you feel at ease with the topics you’re talking about.

10. Have eye contact

Make sure to have eye contact during the date. This will make your connection much better.

Also, it will show them that you’re interested in them. This will make talking much easier as your date will feel more at ease.

11. Wear your favorite outfit

When you wear your favorite outfit, you’ll feel much more comfortable and it will result in your feeling much more confident and at ease. This will likely have a great impact on the outcome of your date.

Also, by wearing your favorite outfit, you show your date your style.

12. Prepare some questions you really want to ask

It can be great to prepare some questions you really want to ask your date. Even though it should not be like an interview, you really want to get to know your date better.

You probably want to give your date a great impression, but you’re also there to figure out if you want to continue seeing this person. There may be some things that are very important for you to know before deciding if you want a second date.

13. Have a plan but be spontaneous as well

A great tip for your first date is to make sure to have a great plan for your date.

For example, you can decide which movie you’re going to see. Or you can decide which ice cream parlor you’re going to. This will make your date go much smoother.

However, make sure to be spontaneous as well! It may go very differently from what you planned, but this can be a great thing. For example, your date may tell you about a cafe they really like a lot and ask you if you want to go there.

14. Make sure to respect physical and emotional boundaries

This isn’t only important for first dates but it’s always important. You need to make sure you respect boundaries. Whether these boundaries are physical or emotional.

To do so, it’s important to communicate with your date so you know what they want and what they don’t want.

15. Make sure to show appreciation

Show your date that you appreciate them! This will make your date feel much better.

For example, you can thank them for their time. But you can also just tell them that you’re excited for the date. Or that you’re happy to see them.

And if you had fun, tell them you had a fun time and you really enjoyed the date. Communication is great and it’s important for your date to know how you feel.

16. Don’t talk about your ex

For a first date, it’s usually not a great idea to talk about past relationships. Because of that, in most cases, one of the best first date tips is to avoid this conversation.

Most of the time, it’s better to focus on the present. Your date may not feel very comfortable if you’re talking about your exes. It may make them feel as if you’re not over your ex yet. However, there can be exceptions.

17. Be positive

Try to be positive on your first date! Being positive will make the outcome of your date much better. Your date will also feel much better if you’re positive.

18. Try to confirm plans ahead

A great tip is to make sure to confirm plans ahead. Confirm the time and location where you’re going to meet. This will make everything go smoothly.

19. If you had a fun time, text your date afterward

If you had a fun time, it can be great to send them a text afterward to tell them. Your date will definitely appreciate this if they felt the same way.

This is also great if you want to go on a second date.


There’s a lot you can do to make your first date better. From preparing things to talk about to being yourself to showing genuine interest, there are many great things you can do.

I’d definitely recommend using these first date tips to have a successful date and to increase your chance of getting a second date!